What challenges do you propose us?

We work on national maketing in spanish strategies using local contacts.

We make your business grow internationally and in different languages.

We position your website locally anywhere in the world.


The union makes us strong, That is why we are two consultants that have joined their multiple marketing SEO strategies.

Knowledge base

In our large experience as SEO consultants we have faced hundreds of projects, from the smallest ones to the most difficult to solve. The knowledge that we have acquired has enabled us to successfully solve all the consultancies that we have carried out.


Communication skills

One of the biggest problems that we have come across is that not all of our clients know how to analyze the data of our reports. Thanks to our experience and communication skills, we are able to communicate these data in an understandable way, using an accessible language.

Strategies based on data

Not everything is the experience. The ability to analyze is also essential when you have to make relevant decisions. We support the actions we perform by contrasting them using different tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Screaming Frog, Semrush or Sistrix.

Broad strategic vision

One of the things we like most about our SEO agency is that each person has a different vision facing a project. This gives a competitive advantage by allowing us to have a much broader perspective on how to deal with a SEO strategy.


Each project is different and we dedicate all the time that is necessary to achieve results.


SEO consultancies in ecommerce use to be complicated. For us, the key is understanding our client’s business model. Once we have got to know the differential value of our clients, we apply SEO strategies to boots the most profitable sales.

Marketing Agencies

We don’t only work with final clients. We also value working for different marketing agencies that would like to outsource this service and leave it in the hands of professional SEO consultants. We are more profitable than an in-house team.


Media and blogs

Most of the existing media don’t use the adequate strategies to enhance the SEO of their domain, mainly due to a lack of communication with their journalists. Our pedagogical training allows us to talk with your entire team to teach them how to propose a correct SEO strategy.


Reputation strategies

We plan marketing in Spanish and SEO strategies focussed in making negative Google results disappear. We adequate our actions to the severity of our client’s case. Our objective is that our clients enjoy the perks of a good internet reputation.

SEO Consultant budget


We offer a comprehensive SEO consulting service to analyze and develop a customized Spanish marketing strategy for your situation and business model.

This is the only way to offer you a customized service that meets your expectations so you can appear on the first resoults.

SEO consulting helps you to understand better how search engines work, So it is an extra help when it comes to learning how to work on the contents of your domain.

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