Improve your strategy with our SEO audit!

First, we will talk with you about your website and business model so we can understand what are you willing to achieve.

We will write a report of all the factors that are affecting your web negatively and we’ll start planning a strategy according to such data.

Finally, we’ll develop an action list focused in obtaining the best results in Google or other searching platforms for your website.


A perfect way to know the status of a website in order to positioning in on Google searching results.

A SEO audit is an analysis of all the technical features of a website made to discover indexation and SEO problems.

We we will need to schedule a meeting in which you can tell us the trajectory of your domain, so we can provide you personalised attention.

After our first meeting we will prepare an inform in which we analyze the real situation of the domain’s SEO status. We will also include a way to improve your current strategy.

When we finish our inform we always schedule a Skype meeting that last for an hour more or less.

In this meeting we will show you all the problems that we have found in your domain and we will provide you different solutions for them as well.

You will have the option to schedule another Skype meeting on the next month in order to discuss all the doubts you may have after applying the solutions we had provided you.



Executive inform

It shows a resume of the most relevant points of the inform. It includes all the problems we’ve found and their solutions.


We study your link profile to make sure that there is no toxic links damaging the domain.


This analysis shows the indexing status of your website’s contents, the frequency of tracking and the possible elements that prevent a proper indexing in search engines.

Special algorithm rules

We use different tools to determine if your domain is or not affected by Google periodic changes. We analyze the possible harm caused by changes in Google’s normative or algorithm so we can solve it directly.


Brand signs

We search for negative and positive comments in order to discover what do the audience think of your brand. We search for any problems outside of your domain caused by a bad online reputation management.


Competition ranking

In this report we include different analysis of your competitors. How are they working and functioning, what elements can we incorporate into the strategy to access to their traffic and derive it to your domain.


We analyse the current organic visibility of the domain so we can know on which point are we starting and in which direction are we going. We study current search patterns and we verify their suitability as part of the SEO audit.



As part of the SEO audit we also analyse all the elements that affect the positioning rankins regarding to content: titles, URL, word densities, H1, H2, H3, meta descriptions, etc. We also diagnose is there is any duplicate content.



In this part of the SEO audit we study the architecture of the website information, the hierarchy of contents, accessibility aspects and all the elements that prevent a good user experience.

Link Juice

We evaluate how the domain’s authority is transmitted through its internal links, to determine if they are correctly used or not and we will also propose the correct strategy for your domain.



Here we show you which elements affect your domain’s loading velocity negatively and we offer you the advices to improve it the most.


Website authority

In the SEO audit we analyse the organic authority of your and your competitor’s websites in order to create an effective strategy and action plan.



Our main features are the attention we provide, the personalisation of every project and the fluent communication that we have with our clients.

If you have ever felt distrust and a lack of seriousness of your SEO provider, we will show you that our main base is exactly the opposite: trust and seriousness.

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