In Indexando Marketing we specialize in improving the online reputation of large companies and managing personal brands with difficulties.


It is obvious that a neutral or negative reputation is detrimental to obtain new clients or establish new relationships with order, as well as we are able to do a digital personal brand consultancy we can also help you to eliminate or hide information that does not interest your brand or company.

Our objective is improving the reputation of your brand



We are aware that to make the information that is harming the brand’s reputation disappear is ideal but it isn’t possible in all cases.


What is possible, is making these kind of information harder to find for the users that are searching for it by adding positive results controlled by Indexando Marketing.


In the cases that we aren’t able to hide negative information we can act actively creating recommendations and positive comments on the same portals, decreasing the user’s bad impressions or creating a doubt about the veracity of these information.



Internet is a wide field of action, one may think it is more that one can be able to control, but this is not the case, we have specialized tools for each of these assumptions.


We have specific tools that investigate any kind of mention to any person or brand, through social media or through a website, that allows us to make a decision about every concrete case. We always discuss with the client what would be the action for each case.


We try to make things using always the most diplomatic way on each circumstance with a high effectivity, if the problem continues and our legal department understands that we can act against such element, the legal depart will be the one that tell us how we should act while the rest of the reputation team works in making that mention disappear.



At Indexando Marketing we work categorizing every mention on one this three categories according at the content and offense level.

Level 1: High level of legal action, in this case the legal department will act against the person or persons responsible of publishing the information.

Level 2: Medium level that requires specific actions to eliminate or hide the information.

Level 3: Low level, in this case the user withdraws the information voluntarily in the first contact.



All of our clients always ask us what are the results that they can expect from our work and our response is always leaving a clean reputation and in the cases that we aren’t able to eliminate these kind of information, offer the user that is searching for the it other positive values about our client.


This is one of the most important phases because we are going to define a true budget based in what the audit dictates. In it we will be able to assess what is the correct strategic configuration of the budget, once it is approved we can continue with our work.

Friendly contact

This action consists of asking in a friendly way the withdrawal of content on the internet, either through interaction with a social network, webmaster or physical person.

Brand URL

This phase of the strategy consists on generating content that collapses the first positions of Google by creating brand profiles through social networks or with the creation of websites.


In the domains in which we have access, we use a specific tool to make Google understand which are the most relevant content, improving the URLs of domain’s position.

Content Marketing

We generate valuable content in favor of the company or person that hires us to distribute it among our own media or those generated for the reputation strategy.


We put in contact with high quality media in order to substitute the current content or to generate new contents in favor of the client. This is a progressive strategy.

Social Action

We act in social media, putting in contact with its owners or with the actors implicated in the negative comments. In case that they don’t erase such comments, we generate positive ones that keep them out of sight for people that are looking for information about our client.

Legal action

We have lawyers specialised in reputation and actions that can be done on digital media. They will be the ones that will decide if is convenient to work in a legal aspect of the information that we find on the internet.


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